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My Credit Program

Get all the credit reports and credit scores for only $27.99 (Pulling report with this link will not cost you a hard inquiry). Please call with any questions. GET YOUR SCORE HERE!

My program consists of 3 STEP program of credit repair and consultation services over a 3 month period.

Once the program has started I will create a specific plan for each of my clients, as all situations are unique and different.

All clients are fully updated with complete results, including score changes, every 30 days. I will work on all 3 reports and attempt to cleanup as much as possible. My goal is to boost your scores in the first few weeks!


Credit overview & consultation


Create a plan


Repair your credit

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About Me


My name is Carmela Gamber. I have been working with credit for about 20 years now. I have always enjoyed helping my clients achieve their goals and dreams, whether it is to finally buy their dream home, buy a new car, or maybe get a better job!

No matter what your goal is, I will do my best to help you get there!

Thank you for stopping by! Thank you for stopping by!

Richard H.

Honest and great work! I have been using Carmela for some years now for my credit repair needs. After trying dozens of crooks and quacks on Craigslist, Carmela has proven to be a God send and made it all worth it. Solid work with the utmost integrity. Thank you

Richard H.
La Puente, CA


All I do is help people with low credit scores, and eventually purchasing a home. A key ingredient is credit repair. I use nobody but Carmela. I know my customers also enjoy working with her.

Lebanon, OH


Approximately 10 years ago I needed assistance with my credit. I had allowed myself to get into credit card debt. In doing so, I had destroyed my credit rating. I found Carmela and we discussed my situation. She had some recommendations, I hired her, and she immediately went to work. My score increased over 100 points in the first few months! I continue to use her services to maintain good credit. Carmela is the best at this and is relentless in her efforts to restore the credit we deserve! Thank you for your hard work!

Baytown, TX


Carmela has been amazing. I first came to her to help me with my credit score. It was tragically low! She showed me how to build my credit and she helped repair it. I saw my score go from the low 500's to the mid 700's in a few months. I found her to be knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to build credit or repair your credit!

Nashville, TN

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