“Carmela has been amazing. I first came to her to help me with my credit score. It was tragically low! She showed me how to build my credit and she helped repair it. I saw my score go from the low 500’s to the mid 700’s in a few months. I found her to be knowledgeable and professional.
I highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to build credit or repair your credit!”

Nashville, TN

“Approximately 10 years ago I needed assistance with my credit. I had allowed myself to get into credit card debt. In doing so, I had destroyed my credit rating. I found Carmela and we discussed my situation. She had some recommendations, I hired her, and she immediately went to work. My score increased over 100 points in the first few months! I continue to use her services to maintain good credit. Carmela is the best at this and is relentless in her¬†efforts to restore the credit we deserve!

Thank you for your hard work!”

Baytown, TX

All I do is help people with low credit scores, and eventually purchasing a home.
A key ingredient is credit repair. I use nobody but Carmela. I know my customers
also enjoy working with her.

Lebanon, OH

Honest and great work! I have been using Carmela for some years now for my credit repair needs. After trying dozens of crooks and quacks on Craigslist, Carmela has proven to be a God send and made it all worth it. Solid work with the utmost integrity. Thank you!

Richard H.
La Puente, CA